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Bugzy Bug Tracking and Work Management System
This is the home of the Bugzy Project.
Creating Bug Tracking and Work Managment system while helping the JSON-RPC standard become as strong as the Bloated XML-RPC(SOAP)

What are the aims of Bugzy Project
The Bugzy Project has 2 major aims the first is to create a remote bug tracking system like no others powered by PHP5, MySQL and communication via the JSON-RPC this means it's ideal for software development to use as part of there own support system or just to allow users to choose a Web Interface client, Desktop Client or even a mobile client.

The second aim is to help make people more aware of the JSON-RPC as lots of people use XML-RPC in the form of SOAP and such these were grate starting points but always to big and to much wasted data transfer this is why we're going to help in the formation of it's standards with additional systems to support better security when using the JSON-RPC

How is Development going to work with so much going on?
Development is going to be split over 5 main projects all are going to part of this project on codeplex.

The first is the JSON-RPC Server (class) for PHP5.
This project will create a basic JSON-RPC Server using a new standards number 2.1 and allow users to easily define calls methods and parameter lists. the reason for the new standards version is that i'm looking to add security into JSON-RPC the provide the same type of security that SOAP Headers now have.

The second is the Bugzy Server
This project will be making use of the JSON-RPC server for PHP5 and using the becomeing the main part of the Bugzy Projects that will be the central store for bugs.

The Third is the JSON-RPC Client (class) for PHP5
This will work in by building the calls to the server and have support for the new standards.

The Forth is a Web Browser Client for Bugzy Server
This is an example of a GUI using the JSON-RPC client for PHP5 and provide a front end using web browser and server technologies to the bug tracking system.

The Firth is a Windows Desktop Application for Bugzy Server
This is an example of a GUI Desktop Application for Bugzy that will require a new JSON-RPC client for .NET to be built.

Additional Links and Information
For more details on JSON-RPC please check out

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